Our Vision

Create high performing individuals and teams to achieve great things.


Our Story

Every business has a beginning. G&G White Board Solutions is born out of discussions with family and friends.  Knowing that I have the good fortune of a career with an organization that provides experience and world class training, my friends and family suggested that I share my experience with individuals and organizations that are developing their own path.

My family member has years of experience in mining, construction, trading in the United States, South America, East Asia and the Middle East.

I have been providing help to my family member years. In business terms, I have been providing management consulting using my project management skill set to implement strategic, financial, business, operational and other plans. The joy comes from implementing these efforts with people from different cultures and experiences.

As a member of boards of directors, I have led and facilitated strategic planning efforts, developed policy, hired and managed senior managers (including the CEO), managed board politics, community affairs and other related issues familiar to the non-profit.  These non-profits are chambers of commerce, large community based organizations that provide health and human services.

G&G is for my father and father-in-law.  Both men have provided me with life's lessons. Both men came from farming families.  One was a son of a muck farmer in the East Coast. One was a son of plantation worker in an island of the Pacific Ocean. Both men served in the military.  One a sailor, one a soldier.

Both men were welders. They were also big thinkers.  One was an artist and loved to draw and make things from what he drew. One was a tinkerer and created an underwater vessel. There share one name - George.

G&G White Board creates that space for big thinkers to have big ideas come to life.

Randy Okamura

Founder & CEO


I like to think of myself as a big thinker and a doer.

My basic philosophy includes the idea of ONE. One person, one team doing one thing, one task, one outcome for one community, one world.

I am fortunate to have a career includes working for large and evolving organizations. The current organization that I work for has evolved from a dial-tone analog business and is transforming into one large technology platform with one purpose - exchanging data among many that create different things for many people and many purposes.

On my own time, I have had the privilege to serve many non-profit community based organizations as a member of the board and a few local government organizations as an elected official.

After years of experience in many different situations, strategy development and implementation  along with operational and financial management experience has become second nature to me.

I have a perspective and a practice of management that I have embraced.  This perspective is a blend of classical management theory and practice, with execution of a martial artist with a mindful spirit.

The result is a high level performing team of individuals ready and willing to solve challenging problems by implementing creative and effective solutions.

Next Steps...

Contact us.  We would be happy to help you get started on developing a high performing team.